Our commitment to effective land management and biodiversity conservation is longstanding. We work diligently to responsibly manage the land within and around our operations to protect biodiversity and maximize our contribution to nature conservation.

Biodiversity and ecosystems are critical for climate regulation and contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation. Such contributions include the removal of carbon from the atmosphere (carbon capture), regulation of water flows, and mitigation of extreme weather events. As such, we consider our longstanding commitment to biodiversity conservation to be an important component of our overall approach to addressing climate change and vice versa.

We have published since 1993, as part of our commitment to promote among our stakeholders a culture of biodiversity awareness and conservation, as well as to raise awareness of the interconnected nature of biodiversity and climate change.  We publish a new book each year that illustrates strategies and diverse approaches to foster the protection of our natural world and is complemented by powerful images from the world’s best nature photographers.